What we do

To exceed customer expectation require constant quality improvements and competence development. A satisfied customer is likely to continue doing business with you and your position on the market becomes stronger. However, to make this happen as much and often as possible, it is essential to know and understand what the customer thinks. About you and your ability to deliver quality and competence in projects.

dblyou marketing is a knowledge company within strategic marketing with high focus on measurements. We provide our customers with a neutral position of the perceived quality in delivered projects and recommended improvements, based on discussions with their customers. We are strongly committed to support our customers to improved customer satisfaction and our solid experience offer easy and well proven processes to measure quality in projects and competences on high level with plan of action, easy to implement and follow up. 


Project evaluations

Almost all companies and organisations work with projects in one way or another. Some projects last a couple of months and others can last a couple of years. Once the project is completed and closed and the customer have received, hopefully, according to expectation it is ideal to collect impressions, thoughts and reactions to be used for improvements to continue to meet/exceed expectations. This information has a "best-before-date" so it is essential to catch it while it is fresh. During long lasting projects we measure more than once, often after a contract  for an order has been signed, and then again when it has been delivered. By doing this, time will not impact on the quality of the information.
In general, we find answer to:


  1. Why  a supplier got the order (creates expectations)
  2. Quality of delivered project (expectations met?)
  3. Why a supplier did not get the order (lost order analysis)

We have worked with project evaluations for more than 20 years which has given us a broad, and deep, insight to what parameters to measure, how to get the most feed-back and, most important, secure action plans are being followed. Even if the customer decide what factors to measure, there are always a set of generic issues, such as environmental profile, we always recommend to include. 

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Competence mapping

To measure, or map, competences within an organisation on individual level is a very common tool to secure development plans for staff and this is done more or less regularly. It is less common to measure the general competence, not by individual, on company level, to better understand what key competence areas needs to be developed to meet future threats and to align with the long term strategy. The objective is to get a critical review of current and required competences and by doing a gap-analysis, identify potential risk areas from a corporate perspective. These will be subject for local analysis and included in the individual development needs, managed by local HR department, for each member of staff.  The outcome is a clear overview of where the key competences are a threat and a practical tool for local departments, market areas or any other function, to plan for improved competences to meet market needs. An example of critical competence is to have a solid understanding of the environmental impact of the products or services you deliver to the market, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. 
We measure the following:


  1. Identify current competences and capacities by department (example sales, marketing, development)
  2. Estimate required competences and capacities by department in alignment with the long term strategy

The analysis provide an overview of potential gaps and how to prioritize which competence development initiatives are most critical and where.

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