About us

Our vision is to constantly exceed our customers expectations with the help from:

  • Broad and deep experiences from a variety of companies, industries and countries
  • Strong committment and customer focus
  • International and inovative thinking
  • Active green marketing, CSR
  • Professional solutions with measurable actionplans

Tomas Wernant
Founder of dblyou marketing 2014


Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Tetra Pak Processing Systems -  Director Marketing and Product Management (Moscow), Global Marketing Director(Lund)
  • Pfizer - Manager Market Research and Planning (UK and Belgium)
  • Pergo -European Manager Market & Business Intelligence (Trelleborg)
  • SRC - Management consultant Retail Business (Helsingborg)
  • Swedish Marketing Federation - boardmember  (www.svemarknad.se)
  • Member of ESOMAR (www.esomar.org)
  • CSR & Green Marketing (www.lspr-education.com)